Quality and Care that Goes into Every Kosmo Part

We’d like to show you the quality and care that goes into the creation of every Kosmo part.

In our new video, you can get an inside look at Kosmo’s full-service, precision machine shop, located in a climate-controlled, 62,000 square foot facility in Sandston, Virginia. We offer meticulous project management every step of the way—from handling RFQs all the way to production, inspection and shipping. We work hard to ensure that every part is of the highest quality and can meet even the most stringent of requirements.

5-Axis Offers Complex Machining, Cost and Time Savings


“Just took my boss and co-worker out to see them and there was a crowd of engineers looking at them. Very nice parts!”

“Not only did the components look great but they also fit together with no issues. Great job to you and your team.”  

Mike Redden, Kosmo Machine’s Vice-President of Manufacturing, likes to receive emails like these, in this case from an aerospace client whose parts were completed on Kosmo’s 5-axis machine. “It was a very complex job—airframe components. Successful execution requires a culmination of having the proper equipment, software and most importantly, human talent,” says Redden. “It’s nice when final assembly proves out form, fit and function.”

New EDM Machines Offer Improved Precision, Greater Flexibility



Kosmo Machine recently purchased state-of-the-art wire and sinker Electrical Discharge Machines.

“We’re really excited about these two new EDMs,” says Pat Smook, the company’s Vice-President of Sales.  “They’re allowing us to complete even more complicated designs for our clients while at the same time offering unprecedented precision and repeatability.” The machines can be used to cut plate profiles and are popular in the tool and die industry.

What is Dry-ice blasting?

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Also referred to as ice blasting, dry-ice blasting is a highly efficient method of using pressurized dry ice for cleaning appliances and equipments in industrial areas and environments. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide, and at extremely low temperatures, it is directed at industrial surfaces to remove dirt, contaminants, and other substances that can affect the quality of equipment and tools.

The cleaning solution is used in various industrial applications including food processing, shipbuilding, electric motor companies, oil mining, power generation, and chemical plants. This post details how dry-ice blasting can serve as an efficient form of maintenance and provide unique benefits in comparison with conventional blasting methods.

Types of Industries a Machine Shop Might Make Parts For

High Precision Automotive PartsMachining is the process of producing several types of metal and machine components to create a specific shape or design to fit various industrial uses. Different machine and metal components are used in a wide variety of industries from aerospace and automobile to petroleum refineries and power plants. For this very reason, a machine shop may make metal parts for various industrial processes using advanced production methods.

Advanced machining tools, such as CNC milling and turning machines, are usually employed to create different dimensions to a metal object. In contrast to the manual milling cutting methods in the past, contemporary CNC milling machines consist of multiple rotary cutters to ensure precision and accuracy of cutting metal objects to create specialized parts. The following are some industries that a machine shop might make parts for.

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